Mission Statement

    "The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and we miss it, but we aim too low and reach it."   -  Michelangelo.

    evolve2, founded by Peter Crosbie, will show leaders and employees in business and not for profit organizations how they can evolve2 to a higher level in attaining specific corporate, personal and lifestyle goals without "reinventing" themselves or changing already successful habits.
    The objective of evolve2 is to demonstrate, simply and clearly, how this can apply in five areas of their lives: Business, Fitness (overall health and nutrition), Media (information gathering), Relationships and Social Responsibility (community involvement).

    evolve2 will tailor our curriculum and services to the needs of both large and small businesses depending on the company's requirements, ranging from a short overview of best practices to a multi day seminar.
    evolve2 will also "audit" your conferences or meetings and incorporate the highlights to reinforce the values into all training.

    For small businesses or for those entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own business, evolve2 can offer advice and support in up to eight key areas: Needs Analysis, Financing Options, Organizational Design, Leadership Development, Succession Planning, Production Training, Marketing and Sales Plans Development and Media and Government Relations. Companies can engage evolve2 for any or all of these important components of starting and operating a small business.

    For more information on Evolve2 and how your company's leaders and employees performance and lifestyle can benefit from evolving to the next level, please call 469.394.5564 or contact: Peter Crosbie, Executive Director (petercrosbie@hotmail.com) or click here.


      • Sales training (corporate specific and general, all levels)

      • Motivational speaking

      • Conference and sales meeting planning, facilitation and          auditing
      • Small Business Support
         -Needs Analysis
         -Financing Options
         -Organizational Design
         -Leadership Development
         -Succession Planning
         -Production Training
         -Marketing and Sales Plans Development
         -Media and Government Relations

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